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  • Exporting Projects and Tasks to Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar

    Posted on July 24th, 2009Customer SupportReports, Uncategorized

    This video demonstrates exporting task timelines to MS Outlook.

    • See video [2 min, 16 sec]

    Export Projects and Tasks to Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar

    The Global Project Report and Global Task Report provide export options to Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. These options provide an easy way to increase project and task visibility. Project and task information can be shared in MS Outlook and Google Calendar through shared company calendars or shared individual calendars. Use the flexible printing features of MS Outlook to print project and task timelines in a familiar calendar format. The export features are found on the Global Project and Global Task Report results pages as buttons and links labeled Outlook and Google Calendar. Combined with the ability to import projects from MS Project Vertabase provides a bridge between planning a project in Microsoft Project, managing the project, assets, time and deliverables in Vertabase and exporting schedules to MS Outlook or Google Calendar.