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  • How do I find disabled users?

    Posted on May 19th, 2009Customer SupportFAQs

    To find disabled users you first need to verify that you can see them. There is an option in the Admin section called View Disabled Users. Enable this option to show disabled users. Disable it to hide them.

    Follow the steps below to find disabled users.

    1. Go to: Admin > System Settings > Main Settings > Users > View Disabled Users.

    2. Enable this option if it is disabled. Remember to click the Save Changes button if you enabling the option.

    3. Go to: Users > Search

    4. Click the ALL link at the top right of the Search page to see the full list of users. Alternatively, use the search fields for a more precise search if you have information about the disabled users you are trying to find. For example, if you know the office of the user, use the Office field to speed up your search.

    5. Scan the list for user names that are displayed in a dark gray color. These are the disabled users.