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  • How should my web browser be configured to use Vertabase?

    Posted on November 25th, 2008Customer SupportFAQs

    There are a few requirements for the web browser used to access Vertabase. These requirements are listed below.

    1. Ensure that Java is installed and enabled in your web browser. Java is needed to view the Gantt charts. You can download Java here:

    2. Configure your web browser to allow pop-up windows from Vertabase. Vertabase uses several pop-up windows for data input and system messages.

    3. Do not use the web browser’s own navigation options such as Back, Forward and Refresh while using Vertabase. Use Vertabase menus and options exclusively. Using the browser options can lead to navigation problems.

    4. Do not have multiple people simultaneously logged into Vertabase using the same user account. Multiple, simultaneous log-ins can lead to system problems and data loss.

    5. Always access Vertabase using a direct, simple link. If you access Vertabase using a saved link in the browser, a link received through email, or a link from your browser’s Favorites or Bookmarks list, you must edit the link first. You will notice that when using Vertabase, the browser address bar has random letters and numbers attached to the web address. These characters look something like this:
    /frameset.cfm?CFID=108406&CFTOKEN=aef03d33af7ecef7-C181 …
    /login.cfm?CFID=108406&CFTOKEN=aef03d33af7ecef7-C181 …
    The characters after the slash (”/”) character should not be part of the web address used to log into Vertabase. The address you use to log in should have these characters removed. You can easily remove them by editing the web address stored in your Favorites or Bookmarks list.