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  • How to add and remove people from Projects

    Posted on May 20th, 2009Customer SupportProjects

    You can add, change, or remove people from your projects using the Create New Project page, or Edit Project page. To access the Create Project page, click Projects in the main menu, then click the Create option in the secondary menu. This will bring you to the Create New Project page where you’ll find the select project members text link under the Projects Members section. Clicking this link will display the Search for Users pop-up window. This is the window that is used to add, change or remove people from your projects.

    If you are working with an existing project, you can access this pop-up window from the Edit Project page. You can only access the Edit Project page if you were granted the required system rights. To find the edit page, start by clicking Projects in the main menu, searching for your project using the search interface, clicking on the project name that appears in the search results, then clicking the Edit option found in the secondary menu. On the Edit Project page, you will see the select project member text link located under the list of Project Members. Click this link to see the Search for Users pop-up window.

    The Search for Users window is divided into two parts. The upper half provides a search interface, and the lower half displays the search results. The text link labeled All which is found in the top right of the page provides a shortcut to see the list of all Vertabase users in the system. Use the options available in the search interface for a more refined search.

    The feature labeled Resource Availability shows you the amount of time that resources have available in their schedule over a specified period of time. If you define a time period using the two date fields before clicking the Search button, numbers appear next to the resource names in the search results. These numbers indicate the amount of unscheduled time expressed as hours and as a percentage of the total hours potentially available in a resource’s schedule. This information is very useful when making staffing and scheduling decisions.

    Adding resources to a project

    To add resources to the project use the checkboxes found to the left of the resource names to select the desired names, then click the Add Selected button. This will shift the selected names from the left side under Search Results over to the right side under List to Accept. To quickly shift all the names under Search Results over to List to Accept, simply click the Add All button. Click the Accept List button to confirm that the names under List to Accept will remain on the project.

    Removing resources from a project

    The checkboxes under List to Accept are used to remove people from the project. Check the checkboxes to the left of the resources names that you wish to remove. After selecting the desired resources click the Remove Selected button. Click the Accept List button to confirm that the names under List to Accept will remain on the project.

    When working with a schedule you may need to assign people to a task that are not members of the project. Use the add/remove project members link found in the Assign Members to Tasks pop-up window (accessible using the links under the Users Assigned to Task column). This link opens the Search for Users pop-up window used to add and remove resources. Added project members will be available for every task, not just the task used to add the member. If you are assigning the new project member to the task, confirm your changes by clicking the Save Changes button.

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