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  • How To Add Documents to Projects

    Posted on June 25th, 2009Customer SupportDocuments

    To add a document to a project use the Add Document page for the corresponding project. You can access the Add Document page by clicking Projects in the main menu, selecting Your Projects or Company Projects from the View drop-down menu on the Start Page, searching for the desired project using the Project Name, Number or other advanced search options, then clicking the Documents link under Quick Links. The Documents link displays the List Document page for the project. In the secondary menu you will find a link labeled Add Doc. Clicking this link displays the Add Document page.

    You can also access the Add Document page from the View Project page. Clicking the project name from the Start Page will display the View Project page where you will find a link labeled Add a Document. Clicking this link will display the Add Document page. From the View Project page you can also click Documents in the secondary menu. This displays the Document List page. The Add Doc link will be available in the secondary menu.

    Using the Add Document Page

    Use the Browse button found next to the File Name field to locate the file or document that you wish to upload into Vertabase. This file could be found on your computer desktop, local file network, or any other location accessible to you. Once you’ve found the document, simply click the Upload Document button to complete the update.

    Document Management Features

    Several document management features are available such as overwriting the previous version of the file, linking the file to avoid uploading it, and placing the file in a Vertabase folder by using the Add in Folder drop-down menu. You can choose who can access the document by clicking the Limit Users link. And you can add notes to accompany the file using the Notes field.

    See these related videos for demonsrations of how to use these features:

    The List Documents Page

    Once the file has been uploaded, you will see the List Documents page. For each file it displays the file name, an icon to the left of the name, a revision number, the date and time stamp for the upload and the name of the Vertabase user who uploaded the document. To access the document click the icon to the left of the file name. To see the revision history of the file, click the file name.

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