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  • How to install Vertabase Maps into Microsoft Project

    Posted on May 20th, 2009Customer SupportSchedules/Tasks

    You may wish to take a schedule from Microsoft Project and import it into Vertabase, or take a schedule from Vertabase and import it into Microsoft Project. In either case you will need to have Vertabase Maps installed in your copy of Microsoft Project. To install the maps, start with Vertabase and locate the Schedule View page of any project. Underneath the schedule, you’ll see the Import/Export a Schedule feature. Click the link in the phrase Click Here for Directions. This will expand the page to show you some helpful information. Find the link labeled Vertabase Maps. You’ll need to use this link to download a file. Click this link with the right mouse button and select the menu option that downloads the file. For example, the option might be labeled Save Target As. Save the file to your desktop or any other location where you can easily find it later.

    Next, open Microsoft Project. Use Microsoft Project to open the Vertabase Maps file. When the file opens up, you may see a calendar. The calendar is not needed. The only information needed from this file is the Vertabase maps. The maps need to be copied from within this file into your global.mpt file in your copy of Microsoft Project. To do this, select Tools from the main menu, next select Organizer. This will display a pop-up window that has several tabs. Select the Maps tab located to the right. In this tab you will see the two Vertabase Maps: Export Data to Vertabase Pro and Import Data from Vertabase Pro. Highlight these two options to select them. You’ll notice that the Copy button now changes the direction of its arrows to point to the left. Click the Copy button to copy the two Vertabase maps into your global.mpt file. Once you’ve done that you have successfully copied the Vertabase maps into Microsoft Project. Close the Organizer pop-up, and close the Vertabase maps file. You no longer need this file. It can be deleted from the location where it was saved.

    With the Vertabase maps installed, you can save a Microsoft Project schedule for import into Vertabase. In Microsoft Project select File, Save As, CSV (using the Save As Type field), and click Save. This presents a wizard where you should indicate that you wish to use an existing map. Moving through the wizard steps will present the Export Data to Vertabase Pro map in a list. Select this map then click the Finish button to export your schedule for Vertabase. The schedule will now be available in CSV format which is compatible with Vertabase.

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