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  • How To Add Tasks

    To add tasks to Vertabase you must work with the schedule page which is contained within a project. That means you must either work with an existing project or create a new one.

    Starting from the View Project page you can access the schedule page by clicking Schedules and Budgets in the secondary menu. This will take you to the Schedule View page. From there you can enter tasks into the schedule by typing them in manually or using the Import/Export a Schedule feature. This how-to page will focus on entering tasks manually.

    Start by clicking Add Tasks in the secondary navigation. This will display a prompt asking you for the number of tasks you wish to add. The default number is 5. If you leave the default as it is and click OK, the screen will refresh and show you 5 blank rows.

    You can now enter basic task information. The minimum information needed to define a task in Vertabase is the task name (which is called the Description), the Start Date and the Due Date.You can enter the dates by using the pop-up calendar, or by typing the dates manually. If you type the date manually, you’ll need to ensure that a four digit calendar year is used. Of the three columns Start Date, Duration and Due Date, you can fill in any two of them and the third will be completed automatically. For example, for the first task, you can enter the start date and a duration of four days to complete the task. By clicking into the empty due date field, this date will be filled in automatically.

    If you think of your tasks as having a deadline, you can use the due date field. For example, you might know that you have a task that has to be completed by a specific date. Enter this date into the Due Date field. You can then indicate your estimate of the number of working days needed to complete this task. Vertabase will calculate and display the start date when you click into the empty start date field.

    It is important to note that the duration column will only count the number of days that are considered working days. It will not count non-working days or company holidays.

    The task information that has been entered will not be saved into Vertabase until the Submit New Tasks button is clicked. If you do not click this button, the information entered will not be saved into the system. Please take note: Task information will not be saved until you confirm it by clicking Submit New Tasks.

    After clicking Submit New Tasks you may see a prompt confirming whether or not you wish to send an email notification. If you click Yes or OK, an email will be sent to the recipient groups configured on the Admin > Email Notification page. Whether an email notification is sent or not, submitting your tasks will save your tasks to the system, refresh the schedule, and show you the Schedule View page with your newly added tasks.

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