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  • How To Create Projects (Basic)

    Creating a new project in Vertabase is really easy. You can think of a project as a container for project-related information. For example, you will find the project’s tasks within the schedule. You will find budget related information within the budget section, documents are found within the documents section, and you will also have access to issues from within the project.

    To create a new project, start by clicking Projects in the main menu followed by Manage Projects in the secondary menu. Here you will see the Create option if you have the permission to add projects to Vertabase. Clicking Create will bring you to the Create New Project page. Here you will see the five basic fields that are needed to set up a project.

    To begin, add the Project Name. Next, you can select the Project Manager and the Client for the project. The options that you see in these two menus are provided by the Vertabase administrator. If you are logged into the system as a Vertabase administrator or a user with administrative rights you will see the Add New option beside the client menu. You can add a new client to this menu if the one that you need is missing. You can now provide a Start Date and a Delivery Date. If you add your dates manually, please make sure that you enter a four digit year.

    The person selected as the project manager will automatically be added to the Project Members list. You can think of the list of project members as stakeholders as people who are working on the project’s tasks.

    Click the Submit New Project button to save the new project. You may see a small window confirming that the project has been added and confirming whether or not an email notification should be sent. After clicking Ok or Cancel in this small window, the View Project page will be displayed where you will see the information you have just submitted. From this page, you can use the secondary menu to find the project’s documents, schedule and budget information by clicking the Documents link, and the Schedules and Budgets link. A new issue can be created for this project by clicking the Open an Issue link.

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