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  • How To Add Timesheets to Assigned Tasks

    When you need to submit timesheets on tasks that have been assigned to you, use the Assigned Projects page from the main Timesheets section, or use the Daily Task List page. The focus of this how-to page is submitting time using the Assigned Projects page. For information on using the Daily Task List page, please see the how-to “How To Submit Timesheets using the Daily Task List page.”

    To submit time on the Assigned Projects page, click Timesheets in the main menu. You will see the Assigned Projects page appear. This page allows you to submit time on projects and tasks assigned to you. Non-assigned projects and tasks will not be visible.

    First, select the Client. The clients available in the Client menu correspond to projects assigned to you. Next, select the Project. The list of projects available is limited to the selected client. Clicking the Task link opens the Choose Task pop-up window. This window will only display tasks that have your name assigned to them. Clicking the task name will add the task to the timesheet and close the pop-up window.

    After selecting a task the Work Type field will automatically change to reflect the work type that was assigned to you when you were assigned to the task. You can, however, change the work type to another option if the time submitted reflects a different type of work. For example, although project management may have been the assigned work type on the task, you may have done something different that perhaps wasn’t expected. You can change the option of the Work Type field to reflect more accurate tracking of how your time was actually spent.

    Select a Work Date that is within the time period identified as the Current Timesheet Period. You will see the Current Timesheet Period below the blank timesheet rows. The current timesheet period defines the range of acceptable work dates. Timesheet entries with work dates in this range can be submitted, edited and deleted. Once the timesheet period has expired, the Complete Timesheet button will display. Clicking this button will close the timesheets for that period and refresh the system to allow you to submit time for the following period.

    Enter the time as hours in the Hours field. Fractions of hours can be entered by using decimals. The Description field can be used to describe exactly what was done in the time submitted. To the right, you will see an overtime column. You can use the overtime checkboxes to indicate that the submitted hours are to be recorded as overtime.

    Finally, click Save Changes to save your timesheet entries. Any rows left blank will simply be discarded. Once you have saved your entries, the page will refresh to show you the Current Timesheet page. There, you will see the timesheet entries that you submitted along with any other entries whose work date falls within the current timesheet period.

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