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  • How To Add Timesheets to Projects

    If you’ve been assigned to a project and you need to submit timesheets on that project without identifying a task, you can do so from the main Timesheets section. Click Timesheets in the main menu. You will see the Assigned Projects page, where you’ll find information (i.e. Clients, Projects) limited to your projects.

    To submit a timesheet entry, select the client in the Client menu followed by selecting the associated Project. To submit time, it is not necessary to click the Task link. You can leave the task column empty, and simply continue with changing the Work Type if necessary, providing the appropriate Work Date, submitting the Hours and providing a note in the Description column if needed.

    Keep in mind the work date must fall within the current timesheet period that is defined under Current Timesheet. The timesheet period defines the period of effective work dates for your timesheets. After filling in one or more rows, click Save Changes to save your timesheets. The Current Timesheet page is displayed next, where you’ll see the submitted timesheets for the current timesheet period.

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