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  • How To Add Timesheets to Unassigned Projects or Tasks

    There may be times when you are called to work on a project even though your participation was not planned. That is, you were neither assigned to any tasks nor to the project itself. In this case, to submit timesheets to the project or a task, the Company Projects page must be used. To access this page click Timesheets in the main menu, followed by Company Projects in the secondary menu. Under Company Projects you will have the full list of clients, projects and tasks available for submitting time. You can submit time on any project and any task.

    To submit timesheets, you need to select the Client. Under Projects, you’ll see the full list of projects that correspond to that client. After selecting a project, click the Task link. You will see the full list of tasks for that project appear in the Choose Task pop-up window. Select the task name. This will add the task to the timesheet and close the pop-up window. Selecting the task is optional. You may only need to submit time to the project and not indicate the task. This is the case for work done that does not correspond to any of the project’s tasks.

    Next, choose the Work Type that best describes the work done during the time to be submitted. Enter the effective date of the time into the Work Date field.

    Note that the work date must fall within the Current Timesheet Period displayed below the blank rows. The Current Timesheet Period defines the range of acceptable work dates. Timesheet entries with work dates in this range can be submitted, edited and deleted. Once the timesheet period has expired, the Complete Timesheet button will display. Clicking this button will close the timesheets for that period and refresh the system to allow you to submit time for the following period.

    Enter the number of hours into the Hours field and provide a description if needed into the Description field. You can use the Overtime checkbox to record your time as overtime.

    Click Save Changes to save the timesheet(s). Blank rows will simply be discarded. The Current Timesheet page will then display where you can see the submitted time along with any other timesheets that were submitted for the same timesheet period.

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