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  • How To Add Timesheets Using the Daily Task List

    When submitting timesheets to tasks assigned to you, you can use either the Assigned Projects page under the main Timesheets section or the Daily Task List page. This how-to looks at submitting timesheets using the Daily Task List page.

    You can access the Daily Task List using the text link labeled “Daily Task List” located near the main menu. It can also be accessed by clicking Projects in the main menu, and under Manage Projects using the View menu under to select the Daily Task List option.

    The Daily Task List page displays a list of tasks that have been assigned to you. These tasks are grouped into four main categories, Due Today, Overdue, In Progress and Upcoming. Within each group the tasks are further grouped by project. You’ll see the Project Name to the left, and the Client name to the right.

    It is very easy to submit time using this page since most of the timesheet options are already pre-selected. All that remains to do is find the Task, enter the number of Hours and click Save Changes.

    Note that the Work Date field at the top of the page identifies the effective work date for all time submitted on the page. The work date must fall within the current timesheet period. If you see an older timesheet period, you will also see the Complete Timesheet button. This button allows you to close that older period, refresh the system, and enter time for the following period.

    Before saving the timesheets, the Work Type can be changed using the WT field. The work type initially displayed represents the option chosen when you were assigned to the task. Any relevant notes relating to the work done can be entered into the Description field. The Overtime checkbox is labeled OT. Use this checkbox to record your time as overtime. Use the Done checkbox to mark the task as complete.

    The Daily Task List page will only display incomplete tasks. Completing a task removes it from the Daily Task List page.

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