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  • How To Add Holidays, Vacations and Sick Days to Users

    To add vacation, holiday or sick days to a user account, you need to find the user account, then access the vacations page. To do so, click Users in the main menu. This brings you to the user Search page. Use the Search page to find the name of the user account. As a shortcut, you can click the text link labeled All to display the full list of user accounts. Select the user name by clicking it. The View User page appears where you will see a section with vacation information located between Availability information and the Notes.

    In the vacation section, you’ll see a link labeled Define Vacation/Sick Days for this user. Clicking this link will bring you to a page called Add Vacation & Sick Days which shows the existing vacation and sick days, and company wide vacation days that affect this user. Company-wide vacation days are added by the Vertabase administrator from the Admin section.

    To add a new vacation day simply type its name in the Description field, and add the dates. If it is a one-day vacation, enter the date in the Start Date field and leave the End Date field empty. Click the Add button, and the vacation will be saved. When a vacation day is added it will remove a full day from the user’s availability. To edit vacation information, use the checkboxes to the left of the vacation names to select them then click the Edit button. You can delete a vacation by using the Delete button. Use the Previous Year and Next Year links to view vacations and holidays over several years.

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