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  • How To Add Users

    To add a new user to Vertabase, you’ll need to access the Users section from the main menu. If you have the permission to add a new user account, you’ll see the Add option in the secondary menu. Clicking Add will bring you to the Add a New User page. There, you will see the fields needed to create a new user account.

    Start by providing a First Name, Last Name and the Primary Email address. You will also need to select an Office. The options you see in the Office menu are provided by the Vertabase administrator.

    You can use the User Status field to disable a user account if needed. A disabled account can not be used to log into the system. Disabling an account frees a user license which can be used by another user account. The Access Level field is used to set the system permissions for the user. The Vertabase administrator can add options to this menu. The Manager field determines whether or not the user’s name will appear in a drop-down menu. This drop-down menu is used on the Create New Project page to indicate the project manager of the project. The Use Timesheets field will allow you to enable or disable the timesheet system for this user. If set to Yes, the user will see Timesheets in the main menu. If set to No, the user will not see the timesheets. The Start Page field allows you to set the page that the user will first see when they log into the system. For example, the Daily Task List page is very useful for project members who frequently update task information and submit timesheets. The User ID and Password fields provide the information that the user will need to log into the system.

    If you wish to add more information to the user account, you can do so by clicking the Show More Advance Fields link. This expands the page to allow you to enter information such as the Title, Department, and Job Function. You can also provide the Default Work Type. It is recommended to do so as it makes task assignments much faster.

    You can provide a default hourly rate in the Default Rate field. The Work Hours field allows you to set the standard work week for the user. By default, the work week might have eight hours per day from Monday through Friday. However, you may have a team member who works part-time on a couple of days. These differences from the default week can be recorded in the Work Hours field.

    Once you have finished completing the fields on this page, you can click Submit User to confirm the information. If you wish to add another user immediately, you can click Submit User and Add Another User. After clicking Submit User you may see a confirmation window, followed by the View User page. You can review this page to confirm the information entered on the Add User page. If you need to make any changes, you can easily do so by clicking Edit in the secondary menu.

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