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  • How To Disable and Delete Users

    When removing a user from Vertabase you have two options:

    1. you can disable the user account or
    2. delete it.

    In this how-to, both will be explained.

    The difference between disabling and deleting a user account is that a disabled account can be retrieved and reused, while a deleted account can never be retrieved and reused. Otherwise, disabling and deleting a user have the same effect on project-related information for that user.

    Disabling or deleting a user account has these effects. The user name:

    1. remains on the project member list for all assigned projects (name will be displayed in red text)
    2. remains on all assigned tasks (name will be displayed in red text)
    3. remains associated with assigned documents until the name is removed from the project
    4. remains on the name and date stamp associated with documents uploaded by the user and document versions deleted by the user
    5. is removed from the list of assigned issues
    6. remains on the name and date stamps of issue replies submitted by the user
    7. remains in the reports for reporting on projects, tasks, timesheets, and expenses (name may be displayed in gray or red text)
    8. is displayed on the User Search results page in gray text (if the user is disabled and the system is configured to display disabled names; deleted users are never displayed)
    9. remains associated with their timesheet entries

    To disable or delete a user account you must first access the user account. To access the user account click Users from the main menu. The Search page will be displayed where you can use the search interface and click the Search button to see a filtered list of users. You can alternatively click the text link labeled All to display the full list of users. Once you have located the user account, click the user name. This will take you to the View User page.

    To disable the user, click Edit in the secondary menu. On the Edit Page, you will see the User Status field where you have these two options: Active and Disabled. Click Save Changes to confirm the changes made to the account.

    If you wish to delete the user account, while on the View User page, click Delete in the secondary menu. Deleting the user account removes the account from Vertabase. It can neither be revisited, nor retrieved. However, the system will retain historical information associated with that user’s account.

    If the user you are disabling or deleting is identified as a project manager you may see a confirmation message that lists one or more projects managed by this user. This message informs you that disabling or deleting this user will leave one or more projects without a manager. You can continue to disable or delete the user, however. Clicking OK will disable or delete the user. Clicking Cancel will leave the user account active. A similar confirmation message appears if the user is not a manager but is a project member assigned to one or more tasks.

    Disabling or deleting a user will free the user license that was linked to that user account. This free license will be available for use by another user account.