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  • How To Edit Users Accounts and Change Passwords

    To edit a user account, click Users from the main menu. The Search for Users page appears where you can use the search criteria and the Search button to find the desired user accounts. As a shortcut, you can click the text link labeled All to the upper right. This gives you the complete list of user accounts.

    Click the name of the user account to be edited. This takes you to the View User page. Click Edit in the secondary menu to see the Edit User page. Initially, mandatory fields are displayed. You can click Show More Advanced Fields to edit additional information.

    To change the password click the Change Password link. This will give you a popup window where you can enter the new password twice, and click Change Password to confirm. Once you’ve changed the password or made any other changes, you’ll need to click the Save Changes button that you see to the lower right of the page. This will bring you back to the View User page of the user account.

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