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  • How To Search for Users

    You can search for users by selecting the Users option in the main menu. This will bring you to the Search for Users page. There, you can find user names by selecting the first letter of the last name of the user using the alphabet links. As a second option, you can click the text link labeled All to display the full list of users. As a third option, the search interface can be used to filter the list of users displayed.

    Using the Name field you can type the full name or part of the name. Select one or more offices using the Office field. Job Functions, Skills, the Project name, Departments and membership to Teams can also be used to filter your search. Use the Manager field to indicate whether or not you are searching for users whose names appear in the Manager drop-down menu found on the Create New Project and Edit Project pages.

    Certain search fields will only be available if they have options in their menus. For example, if no teams are configured in your system, you will not see the Team field on the Search for Users page. Search fields with empty lists do not appear.

    The Resource Availability feature allows you to see availability information along with the user names. Indicate the period of time for which you want to see availability using the Show availability between fields. Use the search fields to filter the list of users then click the Search button to see the list of user names along with their availability information. You can alternatively use the Show a snapshot of availability over the next 10, 30 and 90 calendar days option to see a color-coded list of availability data. A legend at the bottom of the search results page explains the coding used to express “degree of availability.”

    To access the user account, simply click the user name. Click the User Calendar icon to the left of the name to see the timelines of all the projects assigned to the user. To change the month, use the drop-down menu in the calendar identifying the month or click the Past and Future links. If the checkbox next to the Future link is enabled, you will see each month in its own window upon clicking Past or Future. This allows you to see timelines for several months simultaneously.

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