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  • How To Use Teams

    Teams can be used to group users together according to their function on projects. Teams make searching for users and assignment of resources to projecs much faster. An entire group can be chosen at once rather than having to pick individual names.

    To create a team you’ll need to access the Users option in the main menu. Next, click Manage Team in the secondary menu, then click Add link. This will bring you to the Create A New Team page. On this page provide a Team Name then click the Add/Remove Team Members link. This will give you a Search for Users pop-up window that you can use to add user names. Click the first letter of the user’s last name using the alphabet menu or use the search criteria fields followed by clicking the Search button. As a short cut to listing all the names under the Search Results simply click the text link labeled All in the upper right part of the window.

    Click the Add All button if you wish to add all of the names. Use the checkboxes to select individual names followed by clicking the Add Selected button. Clicking Add All or Add Selected shifts names from the left side (Search Results) over to the right side under List To Accept. You can use the checkboxes under List To Accept if you want to remove names from the list. To confirm the list, click the Accept List button. This adds the names to the Team Members field.

    Optionally, you can provide a Description to explain the purpose of this team. Click the Create Team button to confirm your entries. This will bring you to the View Team page where you’ll see the name of the team and the information that you’ve submitted. To edit any of this information, simply click the Edit link that you see in the secondary menu. You can edit the Team Name, the list of Team Members and the Description field. Click the Save Team button to confirm your changes. To delete the team, simply click the Delete option that you see in the secondary menu.

    You can search for other teams by clicking the Search option. This gives you access to a search page. Click the first letter of the team name using the alphabet menu, or click the All text link to see all the teams.

    A search can be done by providing part of the team name or the full team name using the Name field. The Office, Department and other search fields are also very useful. To use these fields, select the desired options and click the Search button.

    Note that you can use the Resource Availability feature here. For example, to see the list of teams and also see corresponding availability information, select a time period into the future using the Show Availability Between fields, and click the Search button. You will see the list of team names, along with availability information relating to the team as a whole. Alternatively, view a color-coded snapshot of availability by selecting the Show a snapshot of availability over the next 10, 30 and 90 calendar days option. See the legend to interpret the codes.

    Teams make adding users to projects, issues, reports and even other teams much easier when using the Search for Users pop-up window. For example, if you are creating a new team that will include members from a previous team, you could use the Search for User window to select the previous team. By clicking Search, the team members will be displayed under Search Results. Clicking the Add All button will add all members of the team to List to Accept. You can remove one or more of these team members by using the checkboxes under List to Accept and clicking the Remove Selected button. Clicking Remove All will remove all users from List to Accept.

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