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  • Using the Change Request System

    Posted on July 24th, 2009Customer SupportSchedules/Tasks
    • See video [5 min, 14 sec]

    Change Request System

    This feature enhances, control, visibility and management of task updates. Need tighter control over schedule changes? The Change Request system provides the features to make this easy. Project team members can clearly indicate what changes are needed to the schedule without actually editing task information. They can request changes to a task start date, end date, and description or request to delete a task.

    Approvals of schedule changes

    The project manager can receive automated email alerts informing him or her of the requested changes. Upon reviewing the log of requests, the project manager can choose to accept or deny the request.

    Automated updates to tasks

    When project managers accept a change request, they can choose to have the change made automatically according to the details of the request.

    Log of schedule changes and approvals/denials

    Want to track schedule changes in an audit log? Requests for changes, the details of the request, annotations and the status of the request as pending, accepted or denied, are all tracked and recorded in a log that can be reviewed and updated as needed.