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  • What happens when Timesheets are disabled?

    Posted on November 21st, 2008Customer SupportFAQs

    Timesheets can be completely turned off in Vertabase using the option “Use Timesheets” found here: Admin > Main Settings > Timesheets. While turned off it is not possible to submit time with effective work dates for that same time period (i.e. the period of time in which the timesheets were turned off). For example, if the Timesheets were turned off this week, then turned on next week, later on you would not be able to submit timesheet entries for hours worked this week.

    If you prefer to suspend timesheet use rather than shut it off completely, you could leave timesheets turned on using the Admin > Main Settings page and simply disable access to timesheets by adjusting your access levels. For each access level (except Admin) you should disable the options: “Add Timesheets to assigned projects” and “Add Timesheets to other company projects”. Once you are ready to have your users use timesheets again, simply re-enable these options.